VSA Kenya: we live as one family, we live to win!

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“We believe in the urban poor; in their strength, resilience and capacity to create a better future. Through grassroots leadership, we link schools for children, youths to community services for all, building vibrant, gender equitable communities where all are able to realize their full potential.” Shining Hope for Communities

VSA is based in Deep Sea slum, Nairobi, which includes some of the largest, poorest slums in Africa; as well as in Uranga, Gem Constitueny in Siaya County.

Thousands of families live here in shanty mud huts or old iron sheets with no clean water, electricity or sanitation. When you grow up in a place like this, like most of VSA children do, it can be hard to be optimistic about your future. VSA offers the young people of Uranga and Deep Sea HOPE and the opportunity for a better life.

By fostering social skills and empowering the youth in education and leadership, VSA helps its young members to feel a sense of achievement and of responsibility, which in most cases avoids early pregnancies and marriages, crimes and dropping out of school.

The promotion of gender access in sports & education, as well as the promotion of education and leadership for all members, is something that enriches and unites the community, especially in the moments of ethnic, political and religious tensions.
​VSA community work activities include workshops and campaigns for:

  • ​public awareness of human rights and civic responsibilities
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • youth and women empowerment
  • ​cleaning up the streets and informing about recycling trash, environmental awareness
  • reducing the number of drug addicts