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Victoria Sports Association Kenya promotes the empowerment of both girls and boys, as well as of the weakest and poorest sectors of the local community.

By fostering social skills and empowering the youth in education and leadership, VSA helps its young members to feel a sense of achievement and of responsibility, which in most cases avoids early pregnancies and marriages, crimes and dropping out of school.

The promotion of gender access in sports & education, as well as the promotion of education and leadership for all members, is something that enriches and unites the community, especially in the moments of ethnic, political and religious tensions.


VSA Kenya is committed to protecting all the young people involved in its activities. A comprehensive set of procedures, best practice guidelines and a code of conduct exist to govern all our actions and programs involving the under 18s.

All our activities are governed by national legislation and by the rules outlined by the Kenya Football Association. The Association does not tolerate any form of abuse, and safeguards children from all possible ways of abuse, from physical to bullying.

Elizabeth Njeri is an independent professional commissioned by the Club as Child Protection Officer, and is bound by national legislation to act in the best interest of young people at all times. Access to the complete safeguarding procedures can be arranged at a suitable time in liaison with the VSA Administrator, Dennis Otieno. Please contact victoriasportsa@gmail.com.


Empowering girls & women with sanitary towels.

Healthy educated girls realize their dreams. Make it happen. Let’s keep Kenyan girls in school by providing them with sanitary towels.

VSA Campaign
850,000 Kenyan girls miss 3-5 days of school per month due to lack of sanitary towels. This deliberate absenteeism is mainly a result of lack of financial resources to afford the cost of conventional sanitary towels available in the market.

Most of these girls as well as women are forced to use unhygienic clothing materials to keep dry during their menses, a situation that on many occasions causes embarrassment, as the materials are leaky. To avoid such situations, girls avoid school while women curtail certain social engagements.

The lack of affordable sanitary pads in the market is among the key contributors to the high school dropout rate among girls in Kenya. Eventually, these girls are condemned to a vicious poverty circle.

Studies show that providing sanitary towels for girls:
1. Reduces absenteeism by 75%, from 4.9 days to only 1.2 days per month;
2. Enables girls to stay in the classroom and learn enough to advance to the next grade level;
3. Prevents girls from controlling menstruation through risky, unhygienic methods.

With your help, Victoria Sports Association seeks to change this by providing 320 girls in 4 schools in Highridge Primary School in Nairobi and Onding Primary School in Siaya Kenya with sanitary towels for a whole year.

What We Need & What You Get
For this project to succeed we need USD ($) 8,000.
$5,000 will be used to purchase 250 cartons of sanitary towels with 24 packets with 8 pieces of high quality sanitary towels.
$800 Monitoring and Evaluation
$800 Project Administration (communication costs, stationery and cartridges)
$1,400 Project staff facilitation and allowances

If we don’t reach our target and we get around $ 6,000 we will still use the $5,000 for sanitary towels and look for in kind donations for some administrative requirements and volunteers for monitoring and evaluation.