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Gambe Education Center and Onding Uranga Sports Association

Victoria Sports Association (VSA) has 2 projects in the province of Nyanza, Gem Constituency in Siaya county: one is an education project called Gamba Education Centre (GEC), and the other one is a sports association called Uranga Sports Association. They are both located in Onding village.

Here is our plan and the costs for building the GEC school with 2 classrooms, toilets and a kitchen. With sufficient funds our aim would also be to use solar panels to be as self-sufficient and sustainable as possible!


If you would like to support us, you can do so even just with a single item. For example, you can sponsor a door, or a black board, or a window! Any kind of help is greatly appreciated… Asante (thank you)!

We are also working on the Residential Camp for students, which is located next to Onding Primary and Secondary school, where most of our students/players are studying. Thanks to this camp, students will be able to shorten the long distance between school and home, spending more quality time on their studies and physical activities. They will be able to have enough time to study at the camp library and to practice sports as well. Their focus towards their personal development will be high.

GEC/Uranga Cybercafé

We believe that information is power, and that education provides the means of escaping poverty. Therefore, with this project we have been working to enable our youth to access the skills and knowledge required to actively participate in the economy.

From early 2019, we are seeking assistance from collaborators and friends to grant us 25 computers and furniture to set up a cybercafé.

Our cybercafé will start operations in May 2019 offering internet services, photocopying, printing, and scanning and computer classes. In addition, it will act as a study area for students and an office to coordinate the Gamba Education Centre and Uranga Sports Association activities. The income from the cybercafé will help in meeting some of the recurring organizational expenditures such as rent.

Our Cyber Café will be a unique business in Onding Village offering internet and computing services in a comfortable environment. The services will be easily accessible and affordable to customers from the community and surrounding areas that usually travel to distant places in search of internet, printing, scanning, lamination and photocopying services.


If you would like to help this cause, you can donate to VSA:

BARCLAYS BANK (Parkland Branch)
Account N°: 087 2027277155
Swift Code: BARCKENX

Thank you all for your help and support!