VSA Kenya: we live as one family, we live to win!

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We humbly request for your help.


Donate KES 1.000 (about 8,50 Euro or 10 US$) with PesaPal

PesaPal provides a simple, safe and secure way for individuals and businesses to make and accept payments in Africa. 100% secure payments processed by PesaPal and secured by Verisign SSL. In order to protect your card from unauthorised use, PesaPal may request further proof of card ownership in the following steps. Donations in KES (Kenyan Shillings – convert here)


Donate higher amounts via Bank Transfer

If you would like to donate any amount to VSA via wire transfer, our bank account is:

BARCLAYS BANK (Parkland Branch)
Account N°: 03 2027277155
Swift Code: BARCKENX


We also accept donations of education and sports materials, and you can also help with your ideas and thoughts and by becoming a volunteer


Please contact us to help us in any way possible, to join our mailing list for progress reports, and for any other information, thank you!

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  • Meet the girls
  • Mee the boys


We are committed to improving the quality of life for people who live in the Nairobi slums. By using sport to raise the aspirations of the next generation, we hope to see more young people go on to achieve their potential and lift themselves out of poverty. We cannot do this without your help. It’s estimated that there are 45,000 children living in the slums and we want to help all of them. Just think what a difference that could make to their lives.

There are a number of ways that you could choose to support us:

  • A small donation could make a big difference to the life of a child in Deep Sea slum and VSA-Kenya project as well as their families and communities. Just £150 is enough to pay a child’s school fees for one year.
  • Buy a VSA t-shirt with a free donation of your choice.
  • Become a volunteer
  • An email once a month to a VSA member would broaden their horizons and help her/him to learn about other cultures around the world.We love to welcome visitors to the area, come and see what ​we do for yourself and meet the VSA Children!


By making a donation, you can help a young person in Deep Sea slum to overcome the challenges they face and go on to achieve their full potential. Your contribution is important, so please help in whatever way you can.

​How much difference can your donation make?

– £20 / $ 32 / € 24 covers the cost of running an HIV/AIDS awareness session for 100 young people
– £10 / $16 / €12 would feed a children in a remand home for a whole week
– £15 / $24 / €19 would buy a girl sanitary towels for a whole month
– £10 / $16 / €12 is enough to pay for a child to participate in a life skills workshop
– £60 / $97 / €75 is enough to buy a school uniform to enable a child to go to school
– £120 / $196 / €151 would buy enough football shirts for a whole team
​- £150 / $245 / €190 is all it takes to pay a child’s school fees for one year