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ALFRED OCHIENG – Born on 20th March 2005 in Deep Sea Slum, he lives with his single mother who has no job and struggles to provide him with basic needs like schooling and food. We removed him from the streets where he used to go and beg for food and clothes, and have helped him to join Highridge Primary school at standard 1. Football changed his life for a better future and he is doing well at school. Alfred would like to live like other children around the world with good life, good education and good football kits to reach his dream. He still lacks sponsorship to achieve his dreams.

ALLAN MBUTO – Born in 1998, Allan joined VSA when he was just 9 years old and is one of our pioneers. Now he is a talented footballer and former Captain of the Under 10s. He helped the team to win their first trophy at East Africa Ligi Tournament in 2008. His a great utility player but his preferred position is striker, with an accurate touch for goal scoring. He would like to play in competitive leagues, but he lacks sponsorship and help to achieve his dream.

ANTONY MUSYUKA – I’m Anto or Gallas, as my team mates always call me. I was born on 13th March 1996 at Deep Sea slum in my family of four children (three girls and I’m the only boy) and our mother, who has been trying to provide us with the basic needs for our daily life. Although she has been working, her salary is not enough to educate us or give us 3 meals a day as would be ideal. I am happy to be part of VSA since I was 8 years old. VSA has made me who I am in football today and I really appreciate the work of our beloved coach Dennis. Various clubs in Kenya have called me to join their teams as my talent has been seen by many managers and coaches. I have won various tournaments with VSA U10, U12, U14 and U16, even as captain of the U12 and U16 at one point. My dream is to live a good life, to attend a school until university, to have a chance to reach my full potential and to become a professional footballer in the future. I would love to play competitive leagues in Italy for AS Roma, Inter Milan, Napoli or in any other club which will offer me the opportunity to play in Europe, but I need sponsorship to help me achieve my dreams. Please I will appreciate any assistance accorded towards achieving my dreams. Asante Sana

ARNEST MULI and JAPHETH NGARUIYA – Arno is just 14 years old while Japheth is 12 years old; they lives at Deepsea slum with their single mother who is the only provider in the family. They have just sat for primary certificate together at North Highridge Primary School. They are very committed boys who work hard both in the field and in class. They have bright future if supported to join high school, as this will enable them keep out of crime, which is very high in the slum. Their single mother can’t afford to take them to school.

CHARLES MEMBA – I was born in 1996 and joined VSA in 2008 when I was 12 years old. Since then my life has changed totally with the activities and rules I follow at VSA, where we learn life skills which help many of us to understand ourselves. We always spend at least 15 minutes speaking about the challenges we go through where we come from in the different communities. The unity of VSA players and staff always gives me courage to move high both at school and in the field. I am very happy as many children and youths get the opportunity to sharpen their talents through skills, technique and mental training at VSA. I have learned to be a role model and leader as I was appointed U16 team captain for two years (2011-2012). At VSA discipline is the key to success. Every young person at VSA works hard to benefit society one day, with big dreams for a better future. For me, I am hardworking, quick thinker, obedient, honest, disciplined and I like making friends very fast. I look forward for sponsors or well-wishers to come and sponsor any of our activities here at VSA.

CYRUS MALEI – I was born on 11th October 1997 at Deep Sea slum, where I live with my single mother and 6 brothers and sisters. Life is difficult in the slum, and my mom does not have a good job to support us. Just like other children I have a dream, which is to become a professional player or a manager of a particular business or organization. Apart from football I also work hard in my education in order to finish my 4th year education in high school and then join university. Being a hard-working boy, I was given a 60% scholarship through my coach Dennis and I was able to join high school thanks to VSA, I appreciate them for the good job. I am glad that our leader Dennis picked me to be one of his players and am happy to be captain of the VSA senior team FC VICTORIA. It gives me courage and responsibility: when you are a captain you always feel that there are many who trust you. I always dream of playing football in big teams in Europe. I would like to have a sponsor, so that I can study and have a career, but without forgetting football. I just love them both and would do both of them with passion. I do ask for support and help so that I can be able to achieve my goals.

DAVID KARIUKI – Meet David, one of 8 young players who were pioneer members of Victoria Sports Association which started in 2006. Now aged 12, he was just 5 years old when he joined VSA. He is a talented footballer, a very creative central defender and Captain of the VSA U12. David’s mother cannot support him as they are from the slums. He walks along distance to attend our activities and school too as most of the time the mother cannot afford to provide him with the transports. We support him sometimes with the extra money to cater for his transport, meals and clothing. David’s dream is to be like any other child. He wants to live a good life, go to a good school and have the opportunity to reach his full potential and become a professional footballer in the future. He would love to play in competitive leagues around the world but he lacks sponsorship and help on how he can achieve his dreams. 

DENNIS ONYANGO – Born in 2000, he lives with his single mother. In 2008 he was found homeless in Dandora slums without any care. He is looking forward to get a family that can show him love with a dad and mum to look up to. He has just completed his primary education and waiting to join high school in 2013. He loves football and dreams to be a professional player. He does not have any means to continue with his education. He needs your support to achieve his dreams.

DISHON SEWE OTIENO –  Born in 2000, he grew up with his single mother in Deep Sea slum. Dishon has a bright future if he gets a sponsor towards his education and football talent. His mother works as housemaid, but she cannot afford educating him and his other 3 brothers. Dishon is one of our top scorers at VSA in the U12 category. He dreams of playing professional football in Europe.

ERICK OCHIENG – Eric was born on 12th April 2001 at Deep Sea Slum, he is a young generous child who knows that education can take him far. One of the most admirable things about him is that he likes trying new things both on the field and in the academic world. Eric is one of the players who has been removed from the street by VSA, and football has kept him in class. Eric’s mother is too sick to work and he was used to beg in the street for food and money to support his family members at his young age. We need more support to help him achieve his dream, we will appreciate any kind of sponsorship for him.

EVANS ODHIAMBO – Born on 20th September 2001, Evans, is a very poor boy who sells drapes and sweets in the slum to earn money for food and to support his mother and his little sisters and brothers. He lives with his single mother and 2 brothers and 2 sisters in Mathare slum. Evans is a talented young footballer with a bright future. He is looking for an opportunity to go to school to achieve his dreams and support his sisters and brothers better.

GEOFFREY AMBASI – Geoffrey was born on 10th September 1992 in Parklands, Nairobi. He joined VSA in the year 2006 as a teenager, he was one of our pioneer players and today he is the VSA Nairobi district coordinator, elected by his fellow players who recommended him for his good leadership ability. He has attended Oshwal college to study accounting management. His main challenges as a player include lack of shoes, training equipment, shin guards and full uniforms. He is glad that VSA has grown to be a big organization that has brought children like himself to acquire discipline, leadership and football skills. He wishes sponsors to come and support VSA activities, giving hope to all children.

GEORGE MBUVI – George was born on 4th April 1997 in Deep Sea slum in a family of 4 children; his parents don’t have a good job to support him. He joined VSA in 2009 because he wanted his talent to grow and was motivated by the togetherness and commitment of VSA players. His main challenge is the lack of school fees: he is always sent home to bring fees which the parents cannot afford to pay. When he is out of school he also has other challenges of peer pressure from his fellow youths who are not going to school and involve themselves in social crimes or fall victims of drugs and HIV/AIDS. He hopes that VSA will help him overcome his challenges and that someday well wishers will come to his rescue so that he can achieve his future dreams to study and playing football.

JOHN NYANGANYI – John is just 9 years old, born in Deepsea Slum and staying with both parents in the slum. He is the first born of four children and going to school at City Primary school in class five. Sometimes his father is able to do some electronic work in the slum, earning a little bit. John at his young age is a very creative central midfielder who can defend and attack anytime. He has leadership skills in and outside the field. He always plays according to instructions. He has the same challenges which most of the children are going through lack of school materials and other requirements and transport to school. He also lacks training materials, and sometimes comes to training or matches without any meals which affect his performance during this activities. John needs your support to go far both in education and sports if well supported by sponsoring him. 

JOHNSTONE WESONGA – Stonny is 13 year old and has sat for the Kenya certificate of primary education in November 2014. He lives in Deepsea slum with the single mother in a small single room, where they stay with his other four siblings. Their mother does not work and they depend on well-wishers who sometimes take food to the slum. Johnstone and the sister Jamilla joined VSA in 2011 to learn and enjoy nurturing their talents. His challenges are lack of school fees and money to buy school materials and other requirement in the school. He is one of the children who most of the time comes for VSA activities without having had any meals. Johnstone needs your support to join form one today and keeping him in school will be his happiness. 

KENNEDY NZUKI – 14 years old, he joined VSA in 2009. He is one of VSA orphan children and lives with the well-wishers at City Park Slum. Kennedy came to Nairobi from Meru to join school and study hard. Recently he sat for the Kenya certificate of primary education at North Highridge Primary School. We took him to Kakamega High School where we were asked to send one talented player to attend trials: he will be given full school fees sponsorship. His hard work on the field gave him the opportunity to join the national school; we are looking forward to get someone to help us shop for him the school requirements for him as asked by the school.

KEVIN JUMA OMONDI – Born on 25th March 2002, he lives with both parents in a shanty house in Deep Sea slum. His parents do not have a good job and find it difficult to educate their 7 children. Kevin used to come around the football academy to kick our balls every training day, that’s how we noticed that he is a talented defender who can stop any striker from scoring. Hopefully he will be joining high school next year, if he gets someone to sponsor him. He dreams to live a good life, go to a good school and to play professional football in Europe. He needs someone to sponsor him to achieve his dreams.

KEVIN MUKUNDI – I was born on 15th December 1999 in Deep Sea slum. I live with my both parents who have a small business of selling vegetables to provide us with basic needs, although it is sometimes not enough to provide us with 3 meals or school materials. I have just completed my primary school certificate and I need to join High School come January 2013, I still don’t know if I will get the opportunity if I don’t get someone to sponsor me before January. Most of my friend don’t go to school due to lack of fees and school materials. I appreciate the good work we are doing at VSA which has changed many children and youths through football and life skills activities. I joined VSA in 2009, since then I managed to change learning good behavior and football skills, I have even travelled to Tanzania through VSA to participate in the East Africa Cup. Like other children I dream of playing professional football and study at University level, if just someone could rescue and sponsor me.

KEVINTOM MACHIKA – Kevintom was born on 12th November 2002. He lost his father when he was 5 years old and now stays with his mother who has no employment and cannot afford to support him and his brother towards getting enough education and achieving his dreams. A talented footballer, he is looking for an opportunity to go to school and be like other children in the VSA Academy who go to school. He needs a family or individual to sponsor him towards achieving his dream.

MORRIS ODOUR – Morris was born on 20th June 2004 in Deep Sea slum, he lives with his single mother and his other 4 brothers, he is the last born child in this family. He goes to school at Highridge Primary School in class 2. Morris is a very hardworking boy in both the class and in the field. He is a very skilled footballer at his age. He joined VSA when he was just 4 years old, before he used to follow his elder brothers Dishon and George who are also talented football players in VSA under 14 team. Their mother cannot support them with the basic needs they require for their day-to-day life. Sometimes they don’t have meals, which can lead them not to attend school or training because they go to Highridge shopping center to beg for food and money to feed their family. We often have to go in the street to pick them and make them go back to school. He dreams of playing professional football and studying ’till University level.

NEVILLE AMADIVA – Neville was born on 16th June 1998, one of 20 young players who were pioneer members of Victoria Soccer Academy. He was just 8 years old when he joined VSA. He is already a talented footballer and Captain of the Under 14. His mother cannot support him so he sometimes stays with VSA Coordinator Dennis and other VSA boys from where they attend school. His dream is to be like any other child. He wants to live a good life, attend a good school and have the opportunity to reach his potential and become a professional footballer in the future. But he needs your sponsorship and help to achieve his dreams.

PAUL WAMBETI – Paul was born on 11th November 1998 in Deep Sea slum, now he is living with his single mother who works for an Indian family after the death of his father in 1999 through accident. He is one of the pioneers in VSA and has been involved in all trophies won by VSA teams. He has won various tournaments as a best defender. His discipline has helped him achieve everything in the field, recently he received an invitation to join a Grass Boot soccer academy in Cape Town (South Africa) but the lack of financial support stopped him from traveling to join the team. He has been given till February to report. He goes to school but is often sent back home for unpaid fees. It is hard for him to continue his education because his mom can’t afford paying school fees (kshs 12,500 per year ). He is hard working and disciplined both in the field and in class. He dreams of becoming somebody useful in the community and he also wishes to play professional football. He needs someone to sponsor him to achieve his dreams.

PETER GITONGA – He was born on 21st May 1997 at Kangemi Slum, he lives with his single mother who has no good job to provide him with education and daily basic needs. He is very disciplined, both with regards to his education and his football ambitions. He can be compared to an ant that is determined to accomplish a task. One of his dreams is to become a great goalkeeper, and he hopes that someone will offer a sponsorship to help him achieve his ambitions.

PETER MUCHUKI – I was born on 5th March 1995 in Deep Sea Slum. Life has been very difficult due to high living standards in Kenya, and my grandmother has a very low income and paying school fees was problematic for her. Victoria has played a big role in my education: Coach Dennis scouted me on a street soccer event in the slums. I am glad that since I came across Victoria my school fees has been paid and I can continue with my education at City Primary School. Now that I was given an opportunity to play for FC Victoria, my dream is to become a doctor, because Kenya has scarcity of doctors and my parents died when there was no one to attend to them. I don’t want anyone to pass through what I went through. My talent has helped me fulfill what I want to be in life because I can now play football and at the same time concentrate on my studies. My wish is to study at the Aga Khan International University Hospital, anyone who might have interest please help me, may GOD bless you.

RAJAB OMONDI – I am Jaby, as my team mates call me. I was born on 20th November 1997 in Mathare Slum, I lost my mother when I was very young in 2004 and I was left with my father who married another woman who did not want to see me in the house and she always chased me away from the house. I used to stay in the street at a risky place before decided to go and stay with my uncle who is working at a garage in Ngara, but due to lack of education he earns a low salary which cannot sustain me and pay my school fees. VSA has helped me a lot since I joined, by involving me in the activities organized every term, mostly in football training which has helped me improve my goalkeeping skills as I am one of the best senior goalkeepers. My thanks goes to our manager Dennis Otieno who has trained us to compete with other players out there. I dream to play for A.S Roma or Juventus Fc in Italy or any other club in Europe but to achieve this I need someone to sponsor me and I will appreciate very much.

REAGAN OTIENO OMOGO – Born on 1 March 2000, Reagan is staying with his 2 siblings and his single mother who is HIV/AIDS positive in Babadogo area, the father separated with the mother in 2002 before he died in September 2014. His sister was involved in serious car accident in Mathare where she broke her leg: she needs skin surgery on her leg at a cost of ksh 100,000 which the mother can’t afford. The mother does not work and they only depend on well-wishers for them to survive. Reagan joined VSA in 2014 to learn through sports, he saw our teams training at City Park when he was on his way to the market to try and get some leftovers for his family survival. His enjoys activities in various fields as he can act, do acrobatics and sing too! He is a very talented boy. He has high discipline and is a hardworking boy. Reagan would like to join secondary school like other children to achieve his potential future dream to become an aviation engineer. He will achieve his dream if he will get someone to sponsor him to join secondary school all the way to the university level.

RODGER MILLER – Rodger was born on 15th June 1999 in Migori. Currently he is living in the slum of Mathare in small room with 2 of his brothers. Their parents lost their jobs and decided to go and stay in their rural home, where they are sick and cannot work. The boys were left in the city to continue with the education. Rodger has completed KCPE in 2014 at Thika Rd Primary School, he managed to get 270 marks. However his parents cannot afford to take him to high school due to lack of school fees; they are also having difficulty in paying rent. Rodger needs someone to sponsor his education and support him achieve his dream to become a neural surgeon. He would also like to play football for a Spanish club in the future.

STEPHEN OTIENO OUMA – This humble young man is VSA Secretary and lives in Mathare slum. His dream at VSA is to work hard so that in the future he can become a visionary and a great football and passionate leader. In 2006 he graduated at Mvindeni Primary School after obtaining good marks (326 marks), he then joined Parklands High School in 2007 and sat for the KCPE in 2010. Currently his studying Automotive Engineering at PCEA College in Nairobi. Stephen has also attended a football course organized in Nairobi in June 2011. He is always available and willing to teach the young and show them a good direction. Most of the time he is training the teams. He is committed to see VSA growing to become one of Kenya’s best football teams.

TOM MUTUA – 15 years old, Tom is a FC Victoria utility player who has been developed at the VSA Academy. He was born and raised in Deepsea slum; he goes to school at St Edward High School not daily due to lack of school fees, his going to sit for his Kenya Secondary School Certificate in 2015. He needs to stay in class to prepare well for the coming national examination. His parents are not working and he depends on well-wishers to survive. Sometimes he sells water as a small job. Tom needs someone to sponsor his education for him to stay in class like other children and work hard towards achieving his dream.

VICTOR OCHIENG – I was born on 14-7-1998. As an orphan I feel that I miss parents although I get happiness from Victoria Sports Association football team, but as you know when you are still young you always think of mum and dad which does not apply to me because they are not here. But never the less am glad that our Coach Dennis has been very supportive to me always since I joined VSA. Since my parents passed away some years back I have not been able to go to school because my aunty who was very supportive to me had an accident and broke both her legs and lost her job and now she can not assist in my education and since then no help has approached me. Most of the time I stay with Coach Dennis at his place where he provides me with basic needs. But since he does not have a good job, he cannot support my education by paying my secondary school fees. But he always encourages me to work hard in everything I do in life both in the field and outside the field. I would like to ask if anyone can come to my rescue and sponsor my education and talent, to provide me with school fees to continue with my studies just like other children and sporting materials such as transport, shoes and clothes. I will be so greatful and promise to work hard in my studies and be the Engineer my heart has always longed for.

VICTOR OUMA – I was born in 1996 and brought up in Mathare slum where I still live with my parents and a family of five children (I am the third born). I come from a poor background, it was difficult to get school fees for my primary education and for my other brothers too. Despite all these problems I was able to finish my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E), whereby I managed to score 338 marks out of 500 marks. After that I was supposed to join a high school in January as required by government, but there was no money even to buy the small fee required by the school. When I was almost giving up continuing with my education, through Coach Dennis and VSA I got an opportunity to join a boarding high school in Kitale. The school principal and my parents agreed to pay half of the school fees… unfortunately they have not paid any of the amount since I joined the school which may lead me to be sent home come next term. My humble request is just to sponsor me and pay my school fees so that I may continue with my education without any worry to be sent home regularly when other children are in class. I want to be a faithful lawyer and your sponsorship will help me achieve this in the future. Just give me the opportunity by sponsoring my education. Please consider my humble request.

WASHINGTON OMUGAH OGONY – Washington was born in 1996. He has just finished his High school education and is now going to Pioneer College thanks to a sports scholarship. He is a talented footballer, in particular a great a defender who can stop any striker or attack . He is also a team leader with sweet words to encourage his mates for a good performance: this has lead him to play for Mahakama Fc and Re-Union Fc on loan. Washington is a good example to the young players who always admire his discipline and hard work in and outside the field: he always encourages young players to work hard both in the field and at school too. He needs sponsors to achieve his dreams.