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AMIDA JAMILA – Born on 1st June 2005, she lives with her single mother at Deep Sea slum. She lost her father when she was just 2 years old. She’s a very talented footballer at her young age with a bright sporting future. Her mother cannot do much to help her towards achieving her dreams. We will appreciate any kind of sponsorship for her education and training kits towards her better future.

ALPHINE AWINO – Born in 2004, she stays with her single mother after the death of her father in Deep Sea Slum. Her family is very poor, she has been left without education and does not always have access to meals. She is looking for an opportunity to go to school and get a loving family to sponsor her education and football talent.

BETTY NAMANYA – Born in 2002, she has had a very bad beginning to her life: both her parents passed away and she was sent to stay with her poor grandmother in Kakamega rural home. She is for looking an opportunity to go to school and to have a loving family to support her.

DIANA NJERI – Diana was born on 1st November 2005 in Deep Sea slum, she is staying with her single mother, one brother and 2 sisters. After the fire burned all their belongings in the slum last year, her mother lost her job because she is very sick and now they have been left with nothing to provide them with basic needs like food, clothes and school materials. We realized that sometimes she has less energy during training and matches because of insufficient feeding. She often does not go to school because her mother cannot afford to buy school materials and pay for her lunch. She needs someonewilling to sponsor her towards achieving her dreams.

FARNICE AKINYI – Farnice was born on 14th May 2005 in Highridge. She is very committed to school, where she is capable of scoring high marks but lacks support towards her education. She is also very disciplined and participates actively in Victoria Queens FC activities.

GRACE MUTHONI – She was born in 2003 at Deepsea Slum, the only girl in the familt and 2nd born out of 4 children. She goes to school at City primary school. She is living with her single mother who is selling illicit brew (changaa) in Deepsea slum to make a living. She joined VSA in 2011 with other girls who decided to come out of the street and engage in football by participating in VSA activities every time after school in the evening. She used to go to the street to beg for food and meals until late night, which was a very big risk to her life. Her younger brothers are still going to the street as the money their mother gets from the business is not enough to provide them with the all the basic needs they require. Grace needs someone to support her towards her education, so that she can be someone important in her society.

GRACE JUMA – Gracy was born on 12th May 2002 in Deep Sea slum, she’s living with her single father who has no good job to support his 6 children, they just survive by just going to Highridge shopping center from midday to midnight to beg for food and money. Coach Dennis Otieno found her in the street, he and other VSA girls talked with her and she joined VQFC to learn how to play football. Now she is one of Victoria Queens FC very talented footballers, a very hardworking girl, humble and always with a smile on her face. We are worried that she may one day drop the school and stay in the street, if she does not get someone to sponsor her dream so that she can concentrate in school and football. We welcome any well-wishers who will come in the rescue of Gracy to keep her in school for a better future and to keep a smile on her face.

IRENE ANYANGO – 14 years old, she joined VSA from the street of Highridge shopping centre. She lives with her single mother at Deepsea slum in a small single room where they live with her other eight siblings. Irene goes to school at Gachie secondary school in form two through well-wishers support which sometimes keep her out of school, while she’s away from the class she always miss a lot of the class work which lead to her poor performance during examination. She’s a very bright girl if well supported. Unfortunately her father died when she was small and her mother was chased away from their home. Now Irene and her remaining family depend on the street to beg for food and money to survive.

JUDY ATIENO – She passed her national primary examination last year, she is staying with her aunty in Githogoro slum after she lost both her parents from HIV/AIDS when she was just 2 years old. She is quite outstanding in terms of inspiring others. She is always caring and this has been noted in the care she has taken towards her family. She has shown total interest in the teaching profession, especially to serve the less privileged. She is currently waiting to join high school if just she gets someone to sponsor her.

LAVENDER AJIAMBO – She was born on 10th October 2004 in the Highridge area, and now lives in Deep Sea slum with her single mother who doesn’t have much to help her achieve her dreams. She is performing well in football and in school too, where she is committed in co-curricular activities. She is strict but caring with other children and always has a good humour.

MARY WANJIKU – I was born in 2000 in Kericho, I live with with a single mother. I lost my father in the 2008/2009 post-election violence which forced us to move from Kericho to Deep Sea slum, Nairobi. I joined Highridge Primary School where I met Victoria Queens FC and joined in the year 2010. My mother sells in a small kiosk in Deep Sea, but the business is not enough to provide all our basic needs of the 4 children in my family. My elder brother dropped out of school due to lack of school fees last year in form 1. I enjoy playing football with Victoria Queens FC towards achieving my sports and academic dreams. I dream to play for the Kenya women national team (Harambee Starlets), so that I can help them to play in the women world cup. When I joined Victoria Queens FC I did not know how to control, pass or play football but now am one of the best players in the team and the U12 team captain, and I always dream of playing football in big teams and study in Europe. Life here is not so easy as you have to struggle to get education, and you need education, food, clothes, water, medicine, all kinds of care which is too hard to get as a poor child in the slum. I would like to be a good role model to other young girls from the slums.

PHILIS ATIENO – Philis was born on 26th February 1996 in Deep Sea slum, she is one of our best players in Victoria Queens FC. She lives with both parents, the father works as gardener while the mother has no work due to lack of education. The mother is always responsible and concerned with Philis and the progress of her other five brothers. The father struggles to provide for the children with his low income, and raising school fees is very hard. Philis will be joining High School this year. She is a quiet, composed and disciplined girl. She is very fluent in English. She needs your sponsorship to enable her to remain in class like other children without being sent home for the missing fees.

SILVIA AKOTH – Born in 2002, she is the 5th in the family of 8 children living in Deepsea slum, who had to leave their rural home after the death of their father (the family properties were taken by other relatives who even threatened to kill her). In Nairobi life was not easy and Silvia & Family had to beg for food and money in the streets. When Silvia narrates her story, she usually cries because of how painful it is to face every single day. Please support Silvia so that she can continue studying and have her own career to help the family. Some of her siblings (Irene and Eric) are VSA members as well.

STACY ACHIENG – She is disciplined and committed to her school work. However, sometimes she slacks and has to be encouraged, because of the bad life in Deep Sea slum. She was born on 20th September 1999 in Siaya. She lives with her sick single mother who is suffering from HIV/AIDS and cannot get a good job. Stacy often skips meals and school due to lack of money. We try to help her and we are worried that she might get married at a young age, which could kill her dreams and talent. She would like to go to a good school, to have a loving family and enjoy studying in class. She needs your support to achieve her dreams.

TONINA CHEMEI – I was born on 20th November 1997 at Githogoro slum in Nairobi. I live with my single mother in the slum. My father passed away ten years ago when I was 4 years old and had just started attending nursery school. The situation got worse each and every day, as my mother found and finds it difficult to provide 6 children with basic needs. I am now in standard eight (the final year in the primary school). My mother has not been able to take any of my elder brothers and sister to high school , so I don’t know if I will be able to join high school in 2013 but I strongly believe God will open the way for sponsors or a good-will person to give me an opportunity for my high school and university education too. I have reached this far with the help of Victoria Queens FC and VSA because I am a talented football player and I like playing so much, I joined VSA because of their good programs and the good relationship, commitment and management among the members. I have managed to change and go back to school after I had dropped out due to many mistakes and problems I went through with peer groups in the slum. My dream is to be like any other girl child who wants to live a good life, attend a good school, and have the opportunity to reach her full potential and become a professional footballer in the future. I would love to play in the competitive leagues around the world but I lack sponsorship and help on how I can achieve my dreams.

VICTORIA WANJIKU – Victoria was born 14th January 2003 in Deep Sea slum with her single mother who has no job since last year’s fire which burnt her small business. So far her mom has not managed to bring her business back. Victoria is very hardworking both in school and in the field. We found her in the slum just doing nothing with other small girls, just walking in slum. Like any other child, Victoria dreams of reaching far, of becoming a doctor for children and of playing professional football if given the opportunity by someone. She promises to work harder not let down any of the sponsors and be a good example to other girls.

VIOLET MUHOJA – I was born on 30th August 1996 in Githogoro slum; where I lived until the year 2000 when my father died mysteriously. My mother, two sisters, two brothers and I all went for the burial, after which my father’s relatives took all of our belongings and chased my mum away. Then she decided to go back to her hometown with the five of us. The situation got worse each and every day. Then my mother left us with our grandmother so that she could look for a job to provide our needs. Luckily she got one as a house maid and after 2 months she sent us little money so that we can join her in Nairobi to live with her. In the year 2004 I joined Kasarani primary school although it was a complicated situation for my mum. When I was in class six I discovered that I was a good player. Teachers and fellow comrades encouraged me to put more effort. This led me to VSA. I serve as midfielder and I hope someday God will grant me an opportunity to play for the national team or also go beyond internationally so that I can help the needy and orphan children like me. In 2011 I joined form one but within some months I dropped out of school because I lacked school fees, but I believe that God will send someone to sponsor me until I finish my education.

VYONNE AKINYI – She’s 13 years old, living with her grandmother who cannot work and can’t afford to provide her with the basic needs that a child would require while growing up. They are living in Deepsea Slum, she’s among the girls that VSA director Dennis Otieno removed from the street while begging for food and money to survive. Thanks to VSA she returned to school and now she’s doing well in class, she is a bright girl and committed to the project too. Please help Vyonne, your support is important to prevent her from going back to the streets and dropping our of school. 

WILKISTER SHIVOKO – Wilkister was born on 18th June 1996 in Deep Sea slum, she is a real role model to the other girls and youngsters. She proceeds to Highridge Secondary School to continue with her education but lack of school fees cannot allow her to stay in class constantly. She lives with her single mother who cannot find a good job, so she walks around the Parkland estates trying to clean houses. Wilkister is good in languages, she knows her background which has taught her to be hardworking and disciplined. She has remained committed to the VSA project. Nairobi News has covered her story in December 2013, both on print and online. The article explains how VSA helped her to stay in school, avoid forced marriage, stay out of the streets, and discover and enjoy her talent.