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VSA kids with Swedish volunteer Mattias

A message from Swedish volunteer Mattias


Mattias Swedish volunteer in KenyaMy name is Mattias Bäcklund, I am 21 years old. I left my home in Sweden to join a big project called Victoria Sports Association. The project’s goal is to use football to change the kids’ lifes. The kids we work with don’t have so much money and they live under poverty in various Nairobi slums such as Deepsea, Mathare, Kibera, Kangemi, Kawangware and Dandora slums.. Sometimes they run out of schools to go the street to beg for money and food for survival, so we use football and other activities to keep them away from the streets and in the school.

I trying to get everyone in Sweden to support a kid here. If you choose support a kid. Then you gonna get reports how the kid is doing. And if the kid isn’t seriuos about it then we give it to someone else. But for most of the kids this is their last chance to get in to school.

Sometimes when we have a traning or a game it’s very common that our kids don’t have any food in their body, and transport to attend away fixtures is difficult. So when we play some tournaments and we have a big game, then we try to buy them some food. They eat it like they have never seen food before.

Football is more than just a sport: they learn how to be a leader, they learn that they have to work hard to reach their goals, they learn how to take responsebility and how to work with other people. They also learn about life. In football you win some games, then you lose some games. Just as in life, somtimes you feel real good, but sometimes you lose. The only thing you can do when you lose a game or in life is to work hard.

I understand they don’t choose where to be born but they can choose where to stay if well supported to achieve their dreams by sponsoring their education and talents.