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The Power of a Ball: message from Coach Dennis

#TheTransition #MyDream

Many young people’s dream from the informal settlement playing football is to make the transition… I’m not an exception, when I was young playing soccer my desire was based on four things:

  1. Have good playing shoes
  2. Play in a big stadium with standard natural grass or artificial field
  3. Own one modern football and one day play for the big club abroad and locally
  4. Own a football jersey

Did I achieve these dreams? That is for another day… The VSA Kenya Initiative, our happiest moment is when we help young people transit into new experiences in life. Soccer / football is one of our vehicles that we use to reach out to young people discover more about themselves (gift, skills and talent). Accessing good football pitch, lack of resources, lack of enough opportunity, low self esteem, minimal positive role models are among the hard-faced challenges.

We would like to be able to create these positive chains of events by successfully organizing a two week football/soccer tournament for U12 and U14. Our kids lack enough proper training equipment and materials like bibs, uniforms, cones, balls, boots and socks. Your support to acquire used or new sports equipment and materials will be highly appreciated, very much.

For more information contact us: victoriasportsa@gmail.com