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Victoria Sports Association (VSA) Statement

With the current economic set up in our country where jobs are not guaranteed, it goes without question that one area that has been greatly affected is the youth.

Sports generally provides both direct and indirect employment, marketing for the country and even medium advertising to the corporate world. Football being the most popular sport has not been left behind. Football provides entertainment, employment, and has been used to educate, fight HIV/AIDS and other social ills in our society. However despite its popularity, soccer standards in the country have not met the expectation of many due to the following reasons:

1 .Lack of youth program, meaning there are very few talented players joining the league. Most young player’s test their skills at the club level something that should have been handled at the youth academy level.
2. Lack of sponsorship-this has impacted negatively on many clubs since they cannot run youth programs to act as feeder to the senior club.
3. Lack of exposure/marketing- with plenty of talent in the country the number of players plying their trade outside the country is still very low. This is mainly because the country has not been adequately marketed as football nation. We need to put structures that will attract scouts to market our players abroad.
4. Lack of motivation-Lack of opportunities for growth have also led to low motivation among soccer players with many not giving their best on the perception that the sport will not take them anywhere.
5. Drug use and abuse-most of our youth have fallen victim to this vice making their contribution on the pitch very miserable.
There is therefore a need to establish institutions and programs that will address the above problems for the development of soccer in this country. VSA is one such institution.



1. Identify and nurture soccer amongst the youth at a younger age.
2. Impart life skills and community programs to the youth at an early age.
3. Provide activities to the youth that will prevent them from engaging in social vices.
4. Use soccer as a tool of bringing co-existence among different communities and religion.
5. Promote the spirit of volunteering amongst the youth in Kenya.
To be able to achieve our goals and objective;
1. We need to give our young players a chance to expose themselves in various tournaments locally, regionally and internationally.
2. We need to open contacts abroad with European scouts and agents. To give a chance to our best players to go for trials in Europe. We have established communication with our European based players, but no concrete progress has been made.

As for now, we have no sponsorship deal; therefore we are humbly requesting the stakeholders, donors and well-wishers to offer your generous support both financial and material.



To help disadvantaged children to become good citizens that can contribute positively to their home country.



To create positive changes in the life of children through education, sports and fun activities.


VSA is primarily and strategically guided by three major motives: Social Responsibility, Education, Commercial Sports Business.



Social Responsibility
  • To help disadvantaged and needy children through sports
  • To remove children from street and transform them into productive citizens
  • To reduce the number of drug addicts
  • To pay an active role in promotion of youth and women empowerment – economically, socially and politically
  • To create public awareness of human rights and civic responsibilities through seminars, workshops, conferences and publications
    To carry out HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns
  • To keep the children busy with positive and healthy activities during holidays, especially when they are not with their parents
  • To create mutual understanding and cooperation among all the youth academies in Kenya by creating and organizing soccer leagues and competitions


  • To offer school bursaries to disadvantaged children to promote their education and wellbeing
  • To work hand in hand with parents and schools, to facilitate children to learn
  • To facilitate orphans, street kids and children from poor families to get sponsors for their studies
  • To provide the youth with knowledge in computer skills


Commercial Sports Business
  • Talent promotion: to generate revenue by identifying, grooming, selling or buying football talent, skills and expertise
  • Commercial advertising: to generate revenue for the club by selling advertising space on Club materials and events