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VSA – What we do:

VSA Kenya is a Kenyan community based organization founded in 2006 by Mr. Dennis Ongwen Otieno to support development of the population living in the two rural areas of Korumba (Kisumu) and Gamba (Gem Siaya) of Nyanza. In the slums and rural areas, VSA Kenya will carry on “VSA KENYA SPORTS AND EDUCATION CENTRE”, related to sports (football), sanitary education, scholarship and training. VSA Kenya will promote in Italy, Sweden, Canada, UK, USA and other European countries a culture of solidarity, support and attention to social issues and respect for human rights, irrespective of any ideological, political and religious convictions.

Why a Sports and Education Centre?

VSA Kenya desires to see an end to the poverty in Kenya. We feel the best way to make this dream a reality is to invest in the education of the next generation. We have started with “small” steps with some children from the communities of Nairobi Slums, and Korumba (Kisumu) and Gamba (Gem Siaya).

Every child deserves an education, but if families live on one or two dollars a day, school is an impossible luxury. Most teenagers in the rural areas are unable to continue past 8th grade, at which point tuition fees drastically rise, therefore dropping out before reaching high school. Students, often female, that cannot afford fees are forced to leave school and work, or in some cases marry at a young age. These children have no chance at securing a job and the cycle of poverty continues on to another generation.

VSA Sports and Education Centre: fight poverty

VSA Kenya scholarship program will ensure that a family’s material situation does not limit a child’s right to education, a safe school environment and a future career. Our hope is to find sponsors for each of our scholarship students. However, we do not ask for purely a financial investment, instead, we want sponsors to partner with our project and build lasting relationships with our students. In fact, the scholarship program fully invests in student development, providing counseling, tutoring, career panels, study skills and community service. None of the scholarships are full awards. Families share responsibility for fees as a demonstrated commitment to students’ academic success.

Since 2010, the scholarship program has awarded 70 scholarships to primary and secondary students from Gamba Village in GEM, Nyanza. We are working with the following schools to make sure our children get good education and a chance to nurture their talents.

Primary Schools:

  • Korumba Primay School – 150 children
  • Onding Primary School – 60 children
  • Obidha Primary School – 60 children


Our Project

VSA Kenya promotes local people development in three area Nairobi, Kisumu and Siaya. In these slums and two rural areas VSA Kenya will support VSA KENYA SPORTS AND
EDUCATION CENTRE backing health, learning and training programs in collaboration with other organization locally and international organizations, legally recognized NGO registered in January 2014 by the Kenya Government.

Health Project – VSA Kenya will promote basic health assistance in favor of the slums and rural people. Initially as a temporary medical help then transformed into proper ambulatory care facilities inside the VSA Kenya Sports and Education Centre building to be built in Gamba Village in Siaya County (Nyanza Region).

VSA Sports and Education Centre: fight poverty

School and education project – soon VSA Kenya will promote education. In September 2015 VSA Kenya will construct a brand new school building in Gamba, Siaya with:

  • Three (3) classrooms (baby class, pre-unit and nursery)
  • Four (4) washrooms/toilets for children
  • Two (2) washrooms for staffs
  • A canteen
  • A Kitchen
  • A Dining hall
  • Two Offices (project coordinator and head teacher office)
  • Board room
  • A Library
  • External garden with a play grounds
  • Two Small sided Football field (5v5 & 7v7)
  • One large football field (11v11)
  • Resource centre
  • GYM
  • Workshop (art studio)


Building materials

VSA Sports and Education Centre


VSA will Provide:

  • Daily food for every pupil and those in need
  • Uniforms for needy pupils
  • Didactic materials
  • School fees
  • Urgent needs
  • Salaries for the staffs
  • Sports equipments and materials

All that for:

  • 120 children (age 3-6) in VSA Kenya Nursery School
  • 600 primary school
  • 60 secondary school students
  • Low school fees of the nursery school parents contribute to pay water and electricity bills.

The Sports and Education project includes now:

  • Sports (Football)
  • Percussion, Drama, Poet and Dance
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Photography (Shoot back)
  • Informatics

Attending the course above will give students an opportunity to create connections, go deep into researches and discoveries as essential tool to develop their own personality, their consciousness raising of human rights and improvement of fundamental liberties. Free access to the library is provided for all the students who intend to study, revise or follow didactic course. VSA Kenya will support all the activities.

Our students and members will be educated on the environmental education course. Seminars of biology (medical plants), and meetings with representatives of different ethnics groups help students in their education and cultural growth.



Phase one: This project will be built in Gamba village Siaya County, Nyanza region. There is a land which has been set aside for this project and the process for getting its title deed is the course before the end of the year 2015 the project will be having the certificate for the land and Nursery school and sports facilities building construction approval letter too from the local government.

Your support will be highly appreciated towards this one of kind project in Africa for young people, mostly children and youths who will be the main beneficiaries of this project, as most youths from the village and surrounding will be employed in sports facilities and school and most young people are going to nurture their talents in the sports facilities such as football.


How to support us

The finance Act 2008 provides the possibility to allocate five per thousand of your taxes to NGOS.
If you wish to support our activities with your 5×1000.

You can also support the activities of VSA Kenya by:

  • Scholastic adoption at 300.00 Euro per year. Respecting the privacy of the adopted, proposal of scholastic is not individual, but addressed to the educational project. Therefore we will not send information for a single child, but material related to the whole project.
  • Festivals and events: concerts, parties, exhibitions, solidarity dinners.
  • Assistance in school: meeting, movies, solidarity market
  • Wedding registration: weddings, baptisms, confirmations and graduation celebrations, with original African manufactures supplied by VSA Kenya.
  • Contribution for VSA Kenya may be paid by: Bank transfer in favor of Victoria Sports Association

BARCLAYS BANK (Parkland Branch)
Account N°: 03 2027277155
Swift Code: BARCKENX

If you wish, you can ask for automatic renewal of bank transfer until your cancellation.

  • Non-transferable check made out to: Victoria Sports Association.
  • It is important to indicate C.F or VAT code, necessary for the compilation of the receipt; the offers are deductible from statement of income.



VSA Kenya
Email: victoriasportsa@gmail.com
P.O Box 14930-00800, Nairobi Kenya
Dennis O. Otieno: +254 716 405 781

VSA Kenya in School

Besides its activities in the rural, VSA Kenya will promotes a series of initiatives to raise awareness and solidarity in school and participates in the various municipalities of the various Cities to inform about rural and slums problems.

Presence in school is focused on the presentation of direct testimony, with photo exhibitions and film screenings in order to raise awareness and to involve young people in cooperation and development of a social and humanitarian conscience, so poor in his era of owning and materiality.

Moreover, young students develop their creativity and craftsmanship in producing small items for sale in solidarity markets and keep a written correspondence with their peers in Africa.

To ask a meeting with VSA Kenya in school or to participate in an event, send an email to victoriasportsa@gmail.com